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Professor Yu received his MD from Nanking Medical University , MPH in toxicology from Shanghai Medical University , and Ph.D in toxicology from Nagoya University , Japan. He worked as the Director of Laboratory Research and Public Health Translation at the Institute for Risk Analysis and Risk Communication, University of Washingtonbefore he was appointed as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Health Science, College of Public Health at University of Georgia in 2012. 2-bromoprpane (2-BP) and 1-Bromopropane (1-BP) in experimental animals. Dr Yu conducted occupational studies in the field workers exposed to 1-BP. Dr. Yu first reported the neurotoxicity of 1-BP in 1998, raised the concerns of the potential adverse effect of workers exposed to 1-BP, and led to the further extensive investigation of potential adverse toxicity of 1-BP both in animals and manufactory workers.

Prof. Yu received a best paper award from the Society of Toxicology for his outstanding molecular mechanistic studies on the 2-BP published in Toxicology Applied Pharmacology in 2001 . He also received an outstanding paper award for "Advancing the Science of Risk Assessment " in 2006 for his computational toxicology research on the development of a GO-Quant to analyze complicated "Omics" data to provide quantitative measurements of global gene expression in biological pathways that can be tailored to the needs of risk assessments. Prof. Yu also received a Colgate-Palmolive Grant for Alternative Research Award in 2006 for his continual effort in developing in vitro 3-dimensional "Mini-testis" model as an animal alternative for the developmental and reproductive toxicity testing. Dr. Yu also received a Young Scientist Award from the 6th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciencesfor his in vitro 3-D Sertoli cell/gonocyte coculture model in screening male reproductive toxicants.

Jacob Siracusa
Ph.D. Graduate Student

Robert Edenfield
Ph.D.Graduate Student

Previous Lab Members

Lei Yin
Research Scientist

Emily Measel
Undergraduate Researcher, Medical Student at Mercer University

Xingyu Hong
Visiting Scholar, Shanghai Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention/Shanghai Institution of Prevention Medicine

Ping Xiao, Ph.D
Visiting Scholar, Shanghai Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention/Shanghai Institution of Prevention Medicine

Shenxuan Liang, Ph.D
Graduated in 2017, Hengrui Therapeutics, Inc.

Adrianne Smith
Undergraduate Researcher, Medical Student at Mercer University

Hongye Wei
MS in Toxicology, Ph.D student in UGA Pharmacy

Jacob Goodman
Undergraduate Researcher

Emma Ospelt
Undergraduate Researcher

Tanzilal Mowla
Undergraduate Researcher

Meijun Huo
Visiting Scholar, Shanxi Agricultural University

Caroline Hansford
Undergraduate Researcher

Vincent Gonzalez
Undergraduate Researcher

Jianhai Zhang, Ph.D
Visiting Professor, College of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine, Shanxi Agricultural University

Leirui Xu
Visiting Scholar